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Shelby County Map Advertising Options Closing
The time to secure an ad in the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce's 3rd edition of our Shelby County Map is coming to a close. There are only a few different sizes remaining. To discuss the remaining options and securing the best ad placement available, contact Elise Hearn at (205) 821-2270 or email elise@elisehearn.com.

This formidable marketing tool is the only map distributed by the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce to investors, potential newcomers, tourists, visitors, etc. Published in full-color street detail, this map will be used by families and businesses relocating to Shelby County and a valuable resource for business travelers and long-time residents. The Shelby County Map is also online for viewing further extending the reach of advertisers.

At publication, the printed version of the map will be hyper-linked to the Chamber's website where you can view online community information, a directory of sponsors and your printed advertisement alongside your street location mini-map.
Contact Information
phone: (205) 663-4542
Offer Valid: April 13, 2018May 4, 2018
Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce