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About Us

Every company requires reliable information to get their job done. Significant productivity and safety consequences can result from bottlenecks, uncertainty, or error in the information. We resolve information access and integrity issues using business process analysis and technology solutions.

Neulogix Solutions have developed a competency to help companies who helplessly incur significant cost of doing business because of man-hours spent shuffling through information stored in disconnected systems. Changes to information in any system at any time can lead to relational inconsistencies unless their ripple effects are immediately reconciled across all systems. Delegating the tedious task of verifying the reliability of the information to the person doing every search is not only subjective and wasteful, but it always delays and distracts from the impending task at hand.

Our solutions enable users to quickly and confidently find information seamlessly across systems. We let technology take up the drudgery of tracking the impacted information and validating their relational integrity across all systems, 24 x 7. Our solution is designed to retain the continued use of existing systems and work processes so as to limit the risk and uncertainty of change.

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Philip Simon
  • Phone: (659) 204-4332