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About Us

Fastest Labs of South Birmingham makes it simple for anyone to get quality testing services from a professional lab at affordable prices. We offer services to test for the presence of drugs and alcohol. DNA tests can also be completed to determine paternity, identify genetic traits, and more. Of course, as the name implies, FastestLabs® also means being quick without compromising on accuracy and reliability.

People and businesses can use our lab test services for:

Random or scheduled employee drug testing
Drug testing teens for concerned parents
Testing athletes for unpermitted PEDs
DNA testing for criminal or family law cases
Establishing or debunking paternity
Genetic history research or projects

What makes Fastest Labs different?
Cleanest labs & drug testing facilities
Accurate results, usually within 24 hrs
Highest service ratings in the industry
Affordable, competitive prices

Rep/Contact Info

John Wolsoncroft
Co-Owner / Operator
  • Phone: (205) 498-0444